Artist Kathryn Clark

While I have not been able to sew much in the last few weeks, I have been able to think and look around at different artists. And it has given me so much food for thought. I have been thinking for some time about how to add texture to my work- I have plenty of line texture with the quilting, but working on my black on black piece- I kept thinking it would be so much richer if I was able to introduce some black texture. The question is how to work with very loosely woven fabrics and still keep my crisp lines?

Albuquerque Foreclosure Quilt, 2011. 35" x 47"
Then one night in a drug-induced stupor (steriods and NyQuil to fight the pneumonia) I could not sleep, and rather than fight it, I spent a couple of hours online looking at other artists. I was very very lucky to have found Kathryn Clark. Kathryn has an amazing design sensibility, has spotlighted some phenomenal artists, and is doing an absolutely profound series of quilts called Foreclosures. I was so taken with her work that I went back to the very beginning of her blog and over the period of 5 days read every single entry. Kathryn is a former urban designer, and as a former landscape architect and urban designer, I fell in love with her story and design sensibilities. Her passion for bringing attention to the disaster of our urban cities is evident in all her work. I even sent her blog to my children who are both studying urban planning- one in London at London school of Economics, and one at MIT. I encourage you to look carefully at her work. My words will not do it justice.

As with most blogs, it is easy to wander and I found myself looking carefully at many of the wonderful sources Kathryn has sourced for japanese folk textiles. At 2 am in the morning I found myself ordering $200 worth of fabric from Kimonoboy. ( I told my husband that the drugs made me do it!) There I found exactly the kind of rough texture I had been looking for- in mosquito netting- not exactly cheap, but much better than the gauze, bandage materials, and rough linen I had been collecting. I put in an order and I can not wait to fool around with it.