Bronchitis, New Years Eve 2012 and Dorothy Caldwell

Almost 2 whole weeks to spend with my family and friends. Plans for sewing, good eating, and a new years even party with old college friends. All dashed by a vicious bout of bronchitis that had me flat on my proverbial ass from Christmas Eve until now, Jan 3. I can not remember ever being so sick.
With invitations to go to 4 New Year's Eve parties (one which I was hosting) I hardly expected that I would spend Dec 31 playing RummiKub with my husband at 10:45.
It was not all bad. I did have my family around, who really suffered through listening to me go through 3 boxes of tissues and rounds of hacking coughs. And they did it with grace. I had innumerable cups of tea and more throat lozenges then I ever remember buying.
I had had plans to do some serious quilting at the farmhouse, but as my sewing room was in use as a bedroom for most of the time, I did some hand stitching I have been meaning to get to.
My college roommates and spouses were supposed to come for a few days at the end, but I was feeling so bad that I canceled a day before. On new years eve I sent Dave, with some appetizers I prepared, out to some other friends to celebrate and I stayed at  home.

2010 squares before I cut them up
2011 squares recombined on New Year's eve 2011
Last year at this time I had played around with squares of left over fabric for a crazy quilt. For details see my blog post. I have had about 12 squares up on my design wall for over a year, adding one or two when I don't really feel like doing heavy lifting. So on Dec 31, I looked at it again, and cut them up and recombined them trying to make a composition that used the blocks but not as blocks. What fun I had! For four hours I cut, recombined, recut, positioned and repositioned scraps of fabric. I was really liberating and got me out of my doldrums.
I spent one evening when my family was out looking at the work of Dorothy Caldwell, whose work I love. With the miracle of the internet I was able to spend hours studying her work, seeing what others had to say about her work, and looking at some of her major exhibitions. What a treat. The sheer volume of her work was both inspirational as well as daunting. And truthfully it made me feel inadequate.... How could I hope to reach even a small percent of what she has accomplished. The net effect or seeing her body of work was a combination of inspiration and fear. And for a few days I kept thinking "why bother when you can never be as good as she is... "And then new years eve happened. Or maybe my medication wore off, and I got out of bed, decided to love Caldwell's work, be inspired by it, but not handcuffed. And it was that new years resolution that allowed me to cut up my silly crazy quilt squares, and just have fun.