Making the best of it.

I am not a person who likes to be sick- I guess no one is. But this combo bronchitis that morphed into pneumonia is hampering my style. I have been down since the 23rd of December and have really not accomplished a whole lot with quilting. You would think that being cooped up in a house, not going to work, not seeing friends might be a quilters' dream, but I have just felt too beat to do much creative.
I did clean up my room today- and sorted all the tiny beautiful fragments of my dyed cottons and threw some out. I finally sent my list of fabric swatches to Annette in Kennebick Washington with detailed notes and quantities and I threw out some real stinkers that were not going to turn into anything at all.... that actually felt pretty good.
I also did some small stitching tests on the large black piece that I have been working on. The piecing is done and now I have to decide what kind of quilting I would like. I tried some free motion- but really that is not for me. I did some more structured lines- but this piece needs more. I settled on a combination of parallel lines with angled lines placed randomly. I think that will work. I sent away for some quilt backing, and hung some batting on the wall to stretch out- and that was it. 
I have slept more than a person should do, have imbibed at least 6 cups of tea a day, and made pretty good headway on our bookclub book, Cleopatra, A story. But I am so ready to get back to work, to sewing, to even having an appetite. And I know my husband will be happy not to have me hacking around the house. Tomorrow I am going to try to go into the office- even if it is only for 1/2 day. Wish me luck.