playing around Day 5

the end result.... after 8 hours of playing. 

I like the idea of insetting shapes. I have practiced and practiced and decided it was time to see if inset areas look markedly different than ones where a seam is used.  I have been wanting to do a piece that involves a very sharp point. In this case it is clear that using a seam on a light or dark background versus insetting a triangle results in a cleaner more precise angle. I played around with a number of different kinds of angles and I looked a the effect of a horizontal line as one of the sides of the triangle. It took me about 30 tests to get the look I had in my head. Once I had the technique and the shape I started to fool around with texture. I did another 10 "experiments"  and then called it a day. To be continued....

Sharp angle created by 3 pieces of fabric. 
Inset triangle yields a messier point. 

I kept getting these tiny lines

 at the end of my inset triangles- 

almost like nipples.    
Just not working for me.