Finally ready to quilt...
So after three weeks of machine piecing I finished a quilt top that I have been doing on the bloodshed in Syria. I was playing around with many different techniques on this one- layering fabric underneath the yellow fabric so you can see through, trying out some different kinds of cottons, and working much smaller than I have in a while. I sat down at my machine, took a sip of water from my water bottle, and a small drop of liquid dropped right in the center of my quilt. Result- the red from the fabric underneath bled a bit, leaving a pink stain dead center.

The original tiny splotch

The splotch that I added
ARGH!! I took a deep breath and convinced myself to try to make lemons out of lemonade- knowing that there was no way that I could do anything with this blotch. So, I figured one blotch might not work but possibly two blotches would. And three might be better. As I am dealing with violence and bloodshed I thought that perhaps this could add to the emotion of the piece. Actually, it did not. So now I had three blotches instead of one. 

I have been playing around with some very intense stitching. What better way to cover a botched blotch then to stitch over it. NOT. Tried that, hoped that it looked ok. It did not. ARGH again. And then I did what I almost never do, I asked my husband. Dave, who is one of my biggest supporters, told me that in his opinion, it was not working. I argued the point for a while, since Dave never likes to implement my suggestions when he occasionally asks an opinion, but after looking at it over and over again, I decided he was right.  And then I made the decision not to do any more on this piece for a couple of weeks. I left it hanging on the wall at the farmhouse so I can consider what to do.

"Fixing" the splotch I added
So, should I have thrown this piece in the trash heap after the fatal drop of water? Probably, but I did use the opportunity to test a few things I have been thinking about. Somehow having a blotch gave me a bit more freedom to experiment since I know that fatal flaw probably will remove this quilt from anything I might want to show or sell.

So in two weeks, with a bit of distance between me and this piece, I will have to decide what to do... BTW- Dave's suggestion was to applique a piece over the stitched area. He may be right.

I still have not given up on this piece totally.