Finally. Finally my black quilt is done. Can't show you what it looks like since I am entering it into QN.

I started this piece over a year ago, and yesterday I finished the quilting. I remember looking at other pieces of art, and seeing how much time it took for the artist to complete it. I often wondered why it took so much time for one piece. And now I know why.

I have found that it takes so much more time to complete a large piece (which should be a "duh" realization) but the extra size when it comes to fine quilting and my obsession with lines that are 1/8" apart really changes things when you are working on a piece that is 70"x70". It takes a toll on me physically moving around all that fabric- much heavier than my smaller pieces. So I end up taking more breaks and the time stretches on.

During the 15 months that it has taken me to complete this quilt much has changed. This piece was motivated by an emotional downturn that one extended family member suffered, followed by the total collapse of this person's "safety net". The impact it had on our extended family was intense, yet through all of the trials and tribulations, our family made it through. My quilt shows the darkest period, from March until November. And while I was not the person directly effected by this illness, it touched every member of my family, especially my mother.

But that was 15 months ago and the period from January until the present has been like watching a phoenix rising. The depression and darkness captured by my quilt no longer reflects my family member's situation.... now with a new job, new apartment, new girlfriend and new confidence.

So working on that quilt after the crisis has been resolved has had its own set of challenges. I am in happier place since my extended family is in a happier place. The quilt has been a reminder of tougher times which I hope will not return, so having it in front of me has been a burden at times. But at the end of the day, it captures a period of my life that is important to record.

So yesterday, as I finished the binding, I started a new piece. And it is not black on black!

A new start