Argh part 2

I am just not going to give up on this piece even though it may wrestle me to the ground. I got back to the quilt this weekend and was determined to work through both the stitching and dye issues. I was really getting into my groove, stitching away, and comfortable that I could use some expressive stitching to remedy the spot issue I was having. I was feeling mighty comfy as I went to iron a rough patch before stitching.... and my iron that never leaks or sputters (the one at the farmhouse that is cheap but foolproof) well it regurgitated all over my quilt in a most unseemly way.

I got a wonderful tip from a fellow artist letting me know that I could remove some of the dye splotches by pouring boiling water over the offending spot. Undeterred- I figured that I was simply going to take my half-quilted piece and immerse it in boiling water. Which miraculously took the spots out. Whahoo.. I hung the quilt out to dry in the 104 degree heat we were having and decided that from now on working with dark fabrics is the way to go.

I retrieved my half quilted piece from the sun, and saw that while I had gotten rid of the offending spots, I ended up with some mottling on my yellow fabric. And luckily I really really like the effect- even though it was completely happenstance.

Lesson here- either I am a fool and should not have wasted the time on this little study once the dye started causing problems. OR I am one tenacious beast. I prefer to think the latter. And now back to quilting!