How it looks on paper

On Saturday I am taking a one day shapes course with the fabulous Terry Jarrad-Dimond. If you do not know her work, you should. I remember seeing her work for the first time at Nancy Crow's probably 5 or 6 years ago and being blown away by her shapes and colors. Vibrant does not even come close to the color of her cloth, and Terry is really a pioneer, in my opinion, working with simple shapes to create masterful compositions.

And lucky me, she is staying at my house before the workshop at the Textile Museum, so I can really get to know her up close and personal.

But that is not why I am nervous.

I have invited two of my staff members to join me for the day, one is a long term partner in the firm, and the other is a young stellar designer that I have been mentoring. Actually I have mentored both of these wonderful people and their talents far surpass mine. So, on Saturday, without title, as just another participant, I stand rather naked before them. The CEO of the firm, a partner and a designer. And I fully expect that their work will be as beautiful and lovely as it always is. And I will be rusty.

I have just finished writing a piece on Creative Excellence for my firm, and one thing I note is that you have to earn respect, it does not convey with a title. So, what happens when they see my work, will I still have their respect? So, in typical fashion, I am nervous. I also write about the importance of being a mentor and being mentored. I have been lucky to have both. I love the opportunity to share my professional experiences with two dear friends, and in the process I learn so much about them and myself.

So, I will be nervous on Saturday. But at least secure knowing that our bond probably will not be broken by a series of paper compositions. At least that's how it appears on paper.