My walking foot is walking all over me

I must be doing something wrong. I have gone through 2 walking feet. My Bernina and a new cheaper version. It just stops walking and all of a sudden I have something like a billions stitched per inch. I do not normally use a walking foot, but I really wanted to experiment with much denser stitching, and thought it was time to conquer it. When it works it is wonderful. And when it stops working it is a bear.
I have it installed properly. I have played with the presser foot tension to no avail. And it's not like I feel like I have more control with the walking foot- I like the fact that it does not bunch my fabric, but I really do not like the precision- I get much more precise rows when I use my 1/4" foot. Any recommendations out there? What am I doing wrong?

And to make matters worse, when it stops working an old horrible song by Nancy Sinatra- These Boots are Made for Walking.... keeps cycling through my head. HELP!