A perfect weekend

You can teach an old dog new tricks and this weekend I learned a few. I overcame my normal shyness and invited Terry Jarrad-Dimond to be my houseguest this weekend while she was teaching at the Textile Museum. I had signed up and I figured this would be a hospitable thing to do. When Terry agreed I was thrilled and scared. Now after the weekend is over, I had no reason to be scared- either of Terry or of her class. On Friday night I invited another wonderful quilter Dominie Nash to join us for dinner. I cooked a wee bit but defaulted to Trader Joes flatbreads, and it was a lovely dinner. Who knew that we could talk for hours and hours about our work, online communities, the pros and cons of quilt shows, and on and on. By the time Terry and I tumbled into our beds we were both exhausted.
On Saturday Terry taught her class- a beginning level course on design which was lots of fun. From 10-4 we cut black and white paper, make very quick compositions, and learned a few things along the way. I picked up some good techniques for how to jump start an idea when you are in a creative doldrum, but more than that I had a relaxing day with Gregg and Kelsey- 2 co-workers. We laughed, ate a communal lunch and worked really had. It was a very satisfying day.

It was a treat to spend a weekend with Terry. We talked, laughed, and shared our ideas about lots of different things happening in the art world. In the process, I made a new friend and a new connection.

Today, after Terry left, I jumped into work on a large piece that I have been staring at. It is similar to my orange and yellow piece that is out at the farmhouse. But it is in black and white. I am taking a different approach with this piece- really planning it out and not being as spontaneous with my cuts. It is pretty complicated, and it will take a while to get it cooking. I am moving on this slowly since I want to make sure I like each line.

So all in all- I made a new friend, had a blast with some old friends, entertained without driving myself nuts, took a course and saw an exhibit at the museum, and worked really hard on my new composition. All in all a perfect weekend.