Quilt National anxiety

It's that time of year when artists who work in the quilt media, start to go bonkers. Either they have not yet finished their pieces for Quilt National, or they have finished them and are wondering if they should try and product one more, one possibly better than the last. I am in the latter group, however, the thought of trying to start a new piece to enter has never entered my mind. Maybe for Quilt National 2015 but there would be no way I could even finish piecing an entry before the September deadline.

I have taken the the last quilt to be photographed and then, of course, I have to decide what to enter. How I wish that some of the national shows did not overlap. I want to enter QN2013, but I am also toying with the Fiberarts International, QBL show, and another one at the Wayne art center in Philly. But they all happen around the same time, so I am forced to choose what to enter where... Should I go for broke and put my three best pieces in Quilt National? Or should I try and spread my few pieces out over a few different shows? More importantly, why can't the art quilt community coordinate? Is it really too hard to try and space these important shows out a bit. One show has a deadline of September 14th, another is informing artists if they get in by putting announcements in the mail on September 14th. Really?!!!

This is when my bi-annual neuroses surface, "Will my work be good enough? Is it original? What if it does not get in?" Yet this year I feel more calm than usual. I like the work I am entering. I know it is strong, and I know there is a good chance it may not get in. The pieces are very large- a strike against them in a show that has limited wall space for larger pieces and they are very dark. I am not sure if they will photograph well, as I am waiting to see Mark's results.

It was interesting to talk to Terry and Dominie this last weekend and hear their take on things- they both have gotten into so many shows, and it was interesting to hear their perspective on which shows are important from a perspective of furthering their reputations as artists- not quilters. We had some really interesting long conversations about entering non-quilting shows, and there is a lot of food for thought. As for me, I just wish I had more pieces to spread out in more shows.

It has been two years since I entered my first Quilt National show. I have grown as an artist, and I have become more confident. I am not experiencing the anxiety entering these shows that I felt two years ago. And that is a good thing.