This is what a friend looks like

I have been collaborating with a good friend, Annette Wink, a wonderful dyer in Washington state for almost 8-9 years. I send her swatches, and she sends me fabric, and tea, and chocolate, and friendship. She sends chocolate for my husband, and I get a box full of beautifully wrapped fabrics usually tied with a lovely scrap of fabric. It is like a treasure chest.

Recently I put a rush order in for some oranges, yellows and blacks. The package arrived, I carried it upstairs after removing the chocolate for my husband, but I waited to unpack it. All the packages looked beautiful and flat, and then there was one bundle that looked rather round. I did not think much of it until I lifted it up and it was rather heavy. It seems that I had commented on a photo Annette had put up on her facebook page, a photo of beautiful yummy cherries and I commented daring her to make fabric the color of the photos. And damned if she not only made me fabric the color of the cherries, but cherry jam to boot. 

The fabric was lovely, the jam is waiting for Dave to return to share. But Annette's graciousness, her constantly thinking about others, well- that is the stuff that true friendship is made of. I have lots to learn from Annette, and I am happy to have her in my life.