Done. Finished. Finito.

The entries are in. The photos are uploaded and the fees are paid. And I for one, am breathing a huge sigh of relief. I juggled and juggled what to put in where. I solicited opinions from my family, the designers in my office, and friends. And in the end I entered what felt right.
Two for FiberArt. Probably my two best pieces. My rationale is that I want to be seen in a show outside of the quilt world and these two pieces are probably the most daring. My black piece, Anxiety No. 8 may not show well. Even though Mark did his best, it is a dark dark piece and it may not stand up to a digital image. If not, Anxiety No. 6 is pretty strong.

Two went to Art=Quilt=Art. This is the first time I am entering this show. I would like to get in, but if I had to choose I would prefer to get into Quilt National 2013. (Actually I would prefer to get in anywhere! ) So I entered two pieces there- Flight Patterns Red and Circles No. 5.

And lastly I entered two pieces in Quilt National- with a third possibly IF it can be photographed in time. If not, Circles NO. 6 and Anxiety No. 7 go to QN2013.

How do I feel? Well, slightly miffed that two solid years of work has only netted 6 or 7 pieces. Working larger just takes more time. Elated- that I am finished deciding and can focus on some new work in my Syria series. Calm- I am happy with the work and don't feel as nervous as I did two years ago. Humbled- when I see the fabulous work of my peers. Curious-how will I feel if I do not get anything in anywhere? YIKES!

So with the entry season for me done, my biggest preparation is for the Nancy Crow masterclass in October. And perhaps, for me, that is the hardest show of them all.