Hitting a wall and bouncing back

I have had 10 blissful days of vacation at the farmhouse. After a wonderful family reunion, I went straight to my sewing and was determined to finish up quilting a crazy quilt that I started in December using scraps that I had at the farmhouse. I was pretty happy with the composition, but decided to experiment with more dense quilting in various directions. Some of this was influenced by some email correspondence with Paula Kovarik who does absolutely fantastic quilting. Our discussion centered on her wonderfully illustrative free form quilting- very intentional but at the opposite end of the spectrum from my linear approach. She gave me an interesting site that teaches a zillion ways to do free form quilting and I tried some, but it really is not my style. But, after finishing my Syria No 2 piece I realized that I have not been pushing myself, so, during this vacation I have labored over stitching this fairly large piece with very detailed quilting. If nothing else it has given me even more respect for the work that Paula does! Make sure to check out her site.

At first I was really enjoying myself, but after 10 days of quilting I was getting tired and ready to be finished. I still have hours and hours and hours of quilting ahead of me. SIGH! So this morning, I sat down, started to quilt and just stopped. This was no fun, and on my vacation, I need to have some fun. So I put it aside and decided to make a shower curtain out of leftover scraps and some older pieces that were not up to snuff.

I have wanted to sew an interesting shower curtain for some time, but it always seemed like a waste of time. Yet on vacation- what perfect way to waste time!

The first piece that I cut into was my very first attempt at sewing overlapping circles. I could not bare to throw it out, but I had not problem at all slicing it into lots of pieces. I also cut into a piece of Circle No. 2 that was an extra piece that never really worked with the composition.

It has taken me the better part of a day to finish about half of the curtain, but it felt so good to just cut and sew.

Perhaps tomorrow I will go back to finishing the detailed quilting on my other piece, but it was great to have a break.