Syria Series

I started a new series about 5 months ago at the height of the massacres in Syria.
A few people asked, "Why Syria?" And I guess the answer is that Dave has been so involved with the Syrian opposition, that this particular news is front and center at our dinner table. So far it is estimated that around 30,000 people have been killed.
I have no special attachment to the Syrian people, yet the massacres in the spring in Homs where women and children were brutally murdered has stayed with me, and has formed the basis of my new series. I also started to write down some of my feelings at my work blog.
This piece, Syria No. 1 is quite tiny and is heavily hand stitched. I am still working on it. The tiny black dots are tanks rolling through the streets of Baba Amr- one of the neighborhoods of Homs where the resistance was cornered.

Syria No.2 is finally ready to trim. It has been a struggle- but in the end, I am happy with the piece. Syria No. 3 is home waiting for me to start quilting.
This series is a bit of a departure- the shapes are larger and the quilting is very very dense. Syria No. 2 feels like a piece of cardboard, and it need a pliers to pull a needle through it.
I am not sure where this series will go. But each day there are more and more massacres and more people killed. So perhaps there will be a No 4,5,6. We'll see.