Vacation miracle

This last weekend marked the end of the summer and the beginning of the " school year". September will forever be the start of the calendar year even though my kids are long past elementary school. So Saturday, as we finished out our two weeks at the beach, I tidied up, picked some hydrangea to remind me of the summer, and mentally started preparing to return to my 9-5 existence. 

Saturday night brought torrential rains- it was measured at 8 inches in a 6 hour period. Lightening was fierce and I later learning that lightening hit 8 homes in our area. It was so bad that Max and Les decided it would be safer to sleep downstairs. Having been up from basically 2:30 in the morning until 5 I decided to sleep in. At nine I got up and was greeted by Max who said, "Mom you have to look outside."
Water water everywhere. Our entire yard was under water- as deep as a foot in some areas- luckily about 5" around the house- and not enough to get into the house. It looked rather lovely for a bit, until we realized that we would have to wait quite a while for this rain to soak into the ground as there are no storm sewers to magically wisk the water away.
Packed up on Sunday, worried about additional rain and wondered what would happen if it came into the house while we were gone. But, honestly, this is one of those times where I realized that there was not a damn thing I could do about it- total loss of control. So, uncharacteristically, I took off my shoes, squished my toes in the sand, and just took it all in stride. And that is the miracle of 2 weeks of vacation.