Damn you Sandy

I am weather phobic.i worry incessantly about lightening, snow, and now after this summer, derechos. I have six different weather apps on my iPhone and I have bookmarked NOAA and the National Hurricane Center.. I am even a fan of the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang.
So you can just imagine how I feel sitting in my B&B in Ohio watching all the news about Hurricane Sandy.
I am pissed and mad as a hornet! I come out to Ohio once every two years to get away from the pressures of the office and to decompress. And since Thursday all I can focus on is my farmhouse that is 7 miles in from the ocean, or wondering if the dead tree across the street from my house will careen into my house in DC. Will I have mold and rot from standing water in my house? Will my freezer full of food survive?
My smart daughter and 7 other friends have told me not to worry and stay in the moment. HAH! Great advice if I would only listen. But all these sage words are falling on deaf ears as I work myself into a weather induced frenzy. I even had a neck and back massage which kept me calm for about 5 minutes.
And as a feminist I have to wonder why I suddenly feel so helpless and want my husband to be home and not in Jerusalem to deal with any aftermath.
So Damn You Sandy. Go away and let me enjoy the next five days focused on my work and not barometric pressure. I want your areas of low pressure and high pressure to leave me alone to feel no pressure.