For all Matthews

For all Matthews- before it was quilted.
For the last three years I have donated a quilt to the Matthew Shepard Foundation which promotes tolerance. The Foundation was created by Judy Shepard- the mother of the young gay man who was tortured and let on a barbed wire fence to die in Wyoming. Last night I attended the annual event with my family and it was a rousing success. The quilt that I donated was one that I started in 2010. I have worked on it in fits and starts. It was pieced two years ago and I started machine quilting it with two kinds of variegated thread. At first I was not happy with it. I picked it up and looked at it every few months. Pinned it on my board and then took it down. Over and over. I think that the emotional component was not there for me. Then a few months ago, I looked at it and it seemed like it was a good representation of the Foundation's purpose- to erase hate. All of a sudden the quilt made sense to me and I started quilting with a vengeance. And while it is not like much of my current work, it seems to have a purpose. Last night it was auctioned off and one of the nicest parts is that is was purchased by the Director of the Mid Atlantic Arts Council- so I know that it has a really good home.