Oh well- QN No go

Anxiety No. 7/ Richard

My first rejection. Came with a bit of a thud, but not as bad as I had expected. I got the dreaded rejection notice thanking me for entering, and informing me that I was not selected. I have been wondering what this might feel like, and I guess I am ok with it. I think the pieces that I entered were (are) good and they are large. I am interested to see how they will play at the master class with Nancy Crow in two weeks. In many ways that will be a good barometer for me.
But it would be silly to say that I don't feel great about it. I feel a bit of disappointment, and I wonder if my technique is up to snuff... But the main part- the design and emotion still feels real and right for me.
So- I finally can show what these works look like- they can see the light of day. This is Anxiety No. 7/Richard which was made in 2011 and documents the worst part of my time at Grafik, letting go of a trusted partner and friend.
Tomorrow, back to the studio.