The strength to fail

Two weeks and counting. Two more weeks of anticipation and nerves before I go back for the 2 week masterclass at the Crow Barn. This time I am much less nervous than I was two years ago. I feel like I have a solid body of work to show, and I am comfortable that I have developed my own voice. So why the nerves?
I have decided to carve out the two weeks to experiment with texture, to use some of the Japanese rags and mosquito netting that I have purchased, and to play around with some of the indigo fabric that Annette has dyed for me.
For the first time I am going to go with limited fabric choices- since I think that will force me to really experiment and not feel compelled to default to doing just another piece. I am not going to take hundreds of yards- I will take a limited palette of colors, batting, and lots of needles for hand stitching.
This time, I have to be willing to fail. My experiments may not work. The fabric I am going to play around with may not work with the line work that I am trying to use.... might be too open of a weave- The fabric may be too stiff and wiry- but my goal is to see what I have to do to modify my sewing techniques to make it work... and that will take lots of failed attempts until I get it right.
Its' hard to fail in front of 20 other accomplished artists, and it's especially hard to fail in front of Nancy. But I think I am now strong enough to handle that. At least I hope so.