What I learned at the Crow Barn this week

1. You can put 16 women in a barn for a week and have a blast.
2. Art can be expressed in so many ways. 16 women 16 different styles.
3. I found that I can finally be comfortable working in any space situated next to anyone. You should hear the Barn when we are all working. You can hear a pin drop and there is not a sound. I still prefer working with music and headphones but now I can out of choice not necessity.
4. I set two goals which I am accomplishing. I spent two days just fooling around with some Japanese indigo fabrics that I bought recently. The loosely woven material is beautiful but honestly not my style. The heavy indigo cotton is divine and I started using it. Second I wanted to do a series on breast cancer and I dove in and have the early beginning of a piece. I am far enough along to pack it up and work on it at home so tomorrow I will try to start a new piece.
5. I really love a lot of the women here and it is a real treat to spend so much time with them. I have started to make good friendships that I think will last a lifetime.
6.  Despite horrid Chinese food here in Ohio you can find good sushi here.
7. I have found that even though I am not watching TV I am scared silly over the hurricane and now worrying about two houses being clobbered instead of one. With Dave out of the country and me here in Ohio I am panicked that I will not be at home if something happens. On the other hand I am glad I am not around if something does.
8. It was a good choice to cancel my trip to AQA opening. I would have been even more of an emotional wreck than I already am.
9. My work was well received by Nancy and the rest of the group. That trumped n.ot getting into FiberArt international or Quilt National. There has been much discussion this week about QN 2012. Some of the real luminaries in our world did not get in. There was a general consensus that the show is changing  and may no longer be the right venue.
10. I love it here. I feel comfortable, challenged, respected, and alive. I have already signed up for next year. Q