The Power of Procrastination

It has taken us 4 years, but finally Dave and I finished all of our legal papers for setting up a trust, our will, our Power of attorney and Medical directives. YIPPEE! Now there is a large space on my kitchen counter that held the stack of legal papers that was about 5" thick. And now it is empty. After signing 5 sets of papers in triplicates, initialing every page, and notarizing every set, we are finally finished.

I have never put off something for this long. In general, even if a task is odious I tend to jump at it and get it done. I have learned that this is much harder when you have to get your husband (the king of procrastinators) to work with me. By nature my Type A personality wants all of the things on my checklist to be checked off as soon as possible. This actually also applies to working on my art.

So last night after signing all the papers I pulled out the piece I had been working on at Nancy's and started to fill in all the little pieces that are on the edges that take forever and have to be done properly yet net little satisfaction. It is so much more fun to sew in a large section then it is to set in 1" pieces that have to be added to square up a piece. I have been staring at this task for over a week, determined to avoid it at all costs. Last night, in the spirit of conquering procrastination I took a stab at finishing some of it. Felt pretty good.

But tonight I still have lots more piecing to do. And the questions that keep darting through my mind are: Should I watch Treme or Homeland?  Should I clean the studio or do some Thanksgiving shopping? Is tonight a good night to wash my hair to should I finish reading my book for book club?

It is not; Should I finish the piecing?