Working BIG

My last week at Nancy's was spent really working much bigger than I am used to working- really pushing the limits. The piece, another one of my Syria series, was definitely fueled by the anxiety I felt from the hurricane. It felt like tension and emotion was going directly from my arm straight to the cloth. Since the piece was large there was a real rush to get it pieced since I do not have a wallI  that even is close in size to what I would need to pin it to. My second week at Nancy's I worked like a demon- got to the barn at 7 and typically left around 9:30. I took only 15 minutes for lunch and dinner and skipped snacks- which was not only good for my psyche but also for my waistline. I managed to piece enough of the top that I now only have to fill in areas around the edges. Then the challenge will be to find batting to fit it, and figure out if I can and want to quilt it.
I have always enjoyed machine quilting up to a certain extent, and I feel that the quilt lines are a very large part of the design of a piece. So I have been reluctant to let others quilt my tops. This practice is increasingly the rage- possibly fueled by Nancy's example as she has always worked with others to quilt her pieces of art. In addition to being expensive, I am not sure that I am ready to give up the control on a piece. On the other hand, I am so limited on what I can do since my larger pieces take so long to complete. Working big provides an added dimension to my pieces, but increasingly working smart is critical. This is clearly a dilemma I am going to have to figure out.