Stuck in the mud

I have not been able to seriously sit down and work for about 3 weeks and it is driving me crazy. I have lots of valid reasons of course that start with Thanksgiving and end with my birthday and all the attendant celebrations. I have spent the odd hour or two that I have been able to crib together, making two baby blankets for my friends' twins, and I made a lovely purple mohair shawl out of fabric that has been sitting in my stash for 10 years. I have been adding quilt backings, burying threads, adding images on pinterest, and in short, doing everything except sit down and tackle three large projects;
1. figure out how to quilt the piece I finished at Nancy's
2. Continue on my breast cancer quilt, which involves lots of circles and is sometimes tedious
3. start on my next Syria piece- which I want to do but need more than a 2 hour block

Since relinquishing my Fridays, my free time to sew has been cut in a third. And I miss it terribly. Once our office move is done I should be able to reclaim some free time, but between now and January 2 my time is simply not my own. And yes, I will even be working the 24th and the 31st including the weekends.

It has always been hard for me to dive in and start a new piece. It forms in my head first, and then starts to take form on my wall. And right now I see a piece with lots of yellows and grays. I am excited to see if I can start this on Saturday. I think starting will help me move forward. And I need to do that soon.