The new year

The new year. Rang it in rather quietly this year. I finished moving my firm to its new offices, which was emotionally trying and physically harder than when I moved into my old offices 20 years ago. The new offices will be good after we get over a few hurdles. We are moving into an open space configuration, and I just am not sure how well some of the staff will adapt- present company included.
Several of us worked over the weekend and New Year's Eve to get the bulk of the unpacking done. I "decorated" my office wall with some of the art I have had and my room is starting to feel a bit more familiar.
I also took one giant step. I actually hung up a piece of my work in the office. I have never done that before- kind of a separation between church and state, but in this case, I made an exception.
I chose one of my Cancer Quilt pieces for a number of reasons. I wanted to see how I would feel seeing this quilt- made during my dad's battle with cancer. It is full of meaning for me, but it is also a lovely piece that has been sitting rolled up since I made it. It is many years since I did this piece, and while I am getting ready to show my more recent work, this one just made sense. I also did it in in a kind of solidarity with Lynn who is having a hard time right now adjusting to chemo. Now when I look at it I feel close to my dad and Lynn- who has not been in the office since September.
 One of my new pieces is actually about breast cancer. I am not ready to show the progress just yet, and I have to be careful that it does not send wrong messages to Lynn who is bravely battling breast cancer.
I am not sure what the new year will bring. I hope it brings personal growth, artistic growth, patience, and continued good health. I have made the normal resolutions to lose weight, be more budget conscious. But what I really want is to figure out what makes me happy. I have an inkling, but hope the new year brings me courage. All the rest is gravy.