To fuse or not to fuse

For me it is not the question.

A couple of weeks ago I got a great comment offering that if my process was taking so long and was so laborious, why not consider fusing my work. A good suggestion,just not for me.

I have seen many truly lovely pieces of art that use fusing, adhesives of various sorts, machine appliqués, et al. And those are legitimate techniques to use. They save time. I have to make it really really clear that I am NOT looking down my nose at any artist that uses different techniques than ones that I employ.

I know that the techniques that I use, machine piecing, hand and machine quilting are critical to the art I am making. From an emotional point of view, much of my work deals with the fine line between chaos and control. While I know I could be a lot more productive using alternate processes and materials, it would not fulfill my emotional needs.

I love control. As an entrepreneur I am used to having control. But, parts of my life are not things that I can control- the economy, family issues, employee issues, death, sickness, etc.

As a control freak, I find solace in machine piecing- engineering a composition and figuring out how to put complex shapes together. I love staring at the fabric on my wall and not having a clue how to get them to come together together. When I finally figure out what seams have to be sewn first, second and third, it a Eureka moment that satisfies my intellectual personae. When I sew two pieces of fabric together precisely, I get a little dose of control that is not destructive control.

I tried fusing and appliqué before many years ago and found it very unfulfilling. Yes I could make things faster, but I did not get much from the journey.