Blacks and blue.

Started by auditioning colors and fabrics.
I have some fabrics that soak the light right in
and one that is a dark black with a sheen
that is made from ox blood.

Luxurious working all day except for being interrupted by the guys who were helping me get a family of raccoons out of my attic. I actually felt pretty confident today- and I think that since I am intent on doing a series of these- I am not feeling the pressure to excel... just to have fun. I have often thought how much fun it would be to take a series of stop action shots of how a piece progresses- and animating it. Alas my iphone varies in quality so some of the interim steps are gone.
I felt pretty proud that I was able to cut into some pretty expensive fabrics without worrying- some early 20th century hand loomed Japanese indigo and a small bolt of dong fabric from the Miao- which I have been saving and saving. Today they both met the cutting board!

I originally thought that I would play around
with a bright blue background.

I have an idea of doing a series here with the same fabrics and the same square. Spent time squaring up the edges of the piece as shown by the black line. That is just my guide.

Did not like the horizontal nature
of the blue background
so I skewed it

I like where the lines are going, but I was not happy with the blue background, so out it went.
And now it reappears in the lines instead.