I suppose I really needed a vacation- not only from the stresses of work, but from the self-imposed stresses of working on my pieces. I am pretty hard on myself, sometimes draining the joy out of working on a piece. And most of my vacations have been spent quilting like a mad person- trying to squeeze my art into vacation time.
I needed this vacation- time alone with Dave to explore Turkey. I knew this would be a different kind of vacation since I took my Bernina in to be serviced during the two weeks that I was going to be away. Two weeks without a sewing machine. I must confess that upon returning home on Sunday, and after filling the house with food and the washing machine with dirty laundry, the first thing I did was pick up my sewing machine from being serviced. It was nice to have it back home.
I won't bore you with endless descriptions and photos. I have sat through too many vacation slide shows to do that to anyone. But I did find myself looking at things through a very different lens. There were stone mosaics on the floor of the Topkapi Palace that looked like they had been lifted from an old time quilt. Old wooden doors and locks that I lusted over. Patterns in tiles that made my head spin. Geographic formations that could compete with any Brancusi in any museum.
After two weeks, my eyes hurt- not to mention my feet! My brain was overloaded with sensory stimulus. And I was ready to be home.
I am glad that I took this vacation from my sewing machine. I needed to have some space. And I am glad that I can go upstairs, and start anew. Refreshed. Enlightened. Motivated.