Opened my email from the Crow Barn and looked eagerly for information about the two classes I will be attending in September. Saw Nancy's obligatory paragraph on fabric and how much to bring. 1read about bringing NEW work- her capitalization not mind. Everything seemed normal until I saw the pre- class assignment, to create a series of configurations, black on white that could be used alone as a motif or combined together. And my stomach started to churn. I started to get nervous for no good reason trying to remember what the hell a configuration was.

It has been about 4-5 years since I took an actual class of Nancy's. I have attended two master classes and will attend the one in 2014, but it has been a while since I put myself out there in a class with timed design exercises. I decided that I needed the time to play and experiment in a class setting rather than the comfort of working only pieces in the Barn. I want the challenge and in some way thrive on the tension it produces in me. It brings out the best and the worst of me.... Competition- bad. Tension- bad. Self-doubt - bad.  Energy-good. New ideas -good. Time to play- good.

Complete transparency here. I almost tried to back out of the class rationalizing away that I would be going to the master class and this would take away my focus. And since her class was oversubscribed I even wrote to Nancy asking if she needed my place. Luckily for me she wrote back that she did not need my space,  that it was a great group and it would be so wonderful to have so much positive energy swirling about. A part of me was thrilled and another part was nervous. I took a deep breathe and decided that I am going to approach these two classes the  way I do most of the time.... with gusto and confidence.

Last night I started to think about what  configurations I might like to explore. I went hunting on Pinterest to get inspired. And, this time I will pack some energy bars to get me through the long 7am-11pm sessions.