Artworks for Freedom

I have not written lately, but I have been busy. Very busy. I finished the piece I promised for Artworks for Freedom and delivered it. A shout out to Annette Wink for the wonderful fabrics that I had to work with- lovely lovely rusted pieces I have had in my stash for 3 years waiting for the right project. This piece, which is about human slavery and human trafficking on a global level, cried out for her cottons, which feel very much like barbed wire. This is a smaller piece than I have been used to working of late, and I really enjoyed how easy it was to sew- without having to manipulate a huge piece of fabric. I donated this to Artworks for Freedom to show, or sell to raise money. I hope it has some impact.

I finally finished the piece I started in October around my friend's mastectomy and I have finished quilting two massive pieces and am almost finished the third. I have had a burst of energy as I have a deadline approaching. Three weeks until I go back to the Crow Barn. That deadline is always such a motivator for me, and I have done little but stitch stitch stitch... all summer. My blog was the sacrificial lamb, as I could not write and quilt. But as I see an end in sight for some of these larger pieces, I am excited to start writing again.