Most of the day my design wall looked like this.
Horrible juxtapositions
Thursday. I feel so cramped I almost can not write. I worked all day and produced crap. I switched gears three, four, five times and got no where. Well, I made it through my creative block. I was going to throw in the towel after two very frustrating days, but luckily my sewing neighbor, Julie, inspired me with her perseverance to soldier on. So instead of playing Mexico dominoes on Thursday night, I stuck with my configuration and ended up producing three squares that I am proud of. I doubt that I will use them, but the process was satisfying. Here's my day in pictures:
Strange clunky combinations
Made worse and worse.

I finally decide just to look at the block alone, and I made 7 of them. At last, at 8 at night a block that I liked.

Did one more and went to bed.