Crow barn days 1-4

First of all, apologies for not writing. It is not that I do not have anything to say, I just have not found the time. I am at the Crow Barn and feeling tired but at ease.I was completely undone by the thought of doing timed exercises, but Nancy has mellowed, and if she sees that people are working she is pretty flexible. So the deadlines have not been as insane as in the past and I have even been stopping to have lunch and dinner. I still get in at 7 and have been leaving around 9:30 as the old body can't withstand 15 hours of sewing. Imagine that!
It has been nice seeing some old friends and reconnecting with people who understand my passion.... obsession. Everyone in class is focused on sewing and composition and the class has a good mix of beginners, intermediate and advanced. By no means is everyone advanced but it has been kind of fun to remember where I was just a few short years ago.

The same configuration with color changes
I panicked at the first exercise which was to really look at flat and glowing colors. I would be lying if I said that I understood everything. Hah. I have come to the conclusion that it is completely relative and in truth the exercise could have played to that a bit more. I HATE doing repetitive blocks, so I was particularly pleased to have to make 16 blocks off of a composition that had 5 curves in it. I must need my head examined. But the compositions that I worked so hard on were too simple to work. So I ended up combining two of them.
16 configurations ready for the chopping block
Than after two whole days of working on the 16 damn blocks we had to cut them up into 108 blocks and recombine them. This is my worst nightmare. I hate random compositions and while Nancy liked my piece, I think it will end up as pillows on a couch somewhere. That is what we did for 2.5 days. That and presenting our work and getting critiqued.
All chopped up and ready to be assembled
One thing for sure is that it is not like the masters class but I think being I two of the masters classes, I am much better prepared emotionally to deal with the exercises. I am really trying to go with the flow.
Today we got a new exercise and we will have until Monday to get it pulled together. I do not think that I will have enough time. My compositions can not be rushed and they take time. But I am ok with that.

Things I learned:
1. I do have to pay attention to the difference between glowing and flat colors. Knowing how you are going to use them beforehand is vital. Randomly cutting squares up and trying to compose them is not the best way to ensure that the flat colors will really work.

2. I like to work alone. I am very very fortunate to have two people adjacent to me that are serious about their craft and I have learned a lot. Plus there is minimal chitchat and when the noise of others gets to be too much, I have headphones.

3. Quilters are really nice people for the most part.

4. My hard work has paid off. I like my voice, I can interact without being bossy the way many newbies sometimes act. I certainly know and figure that I was a royal pain in the butt the first number of years I was at the Barn.

5. Quilting friendships are wonderful and supportive and we pick up just where we left off without dropping a beat..

6. I am lucky to be able to afford this lovely luxury.

And now, it's off to bed I go. I have only 6 hours before I start again.