It has taken me a full week to really acclimate to being home and not quilting for 12 hours a day. Having to work really puts a cramp in my style, and I think my body is actually catching up from losing so much sleep for two weeks. I rarely sleep well when I am away from home, and at the Barn I have trouble turning my mind off. So the result is some real sleep deprivation.
I have come home from work each day bushed and I only succeeded in getting into my studio for 3 hours this whole week. Today is my first Friday home, and I hope to charge in and try and finish the piece I started the first week at Nancy's.
I had a disappointment this week. I had been asked to submit a piece for a show here in DC- a non-quilting show. I was pretty excited and pleased. The curator selected two pieces to choose from, then when I emailed her the size, she told me yesterday that both pieces would be too big for the show. She promised to contact me again, but I am feeling pretty deflated. Her excuse (explanation really) was that one of the artists added two more components to her installation, and there was no more room and that my piece needed a larger space to do it justice. I agree, yet I can not help but feel a bit rejected.
This should be a good impetus to get me moving to get a one woman show set up. But honesty I do not know where to begin. So, I am going to go upstairs and sew. Put on some music and try to get it out of my mind. Oh well.....

by JudyK