First day home

Unpacked car.
Carried 10 boxes, 3 bags, one sewing machine upstairs.
No food in the fridge. Went food shopping. Cleaned refrigerator so I could put the food away.
Cleaned studio so I could unpack- which I did.
Washed clothes. Folded the 4 unfolded baskets of laundry that were sitting in my bedroom.
Pinned work to my design wall. It travelled well.
Put mildewed shower curtains and liners in the wash with a gallon of bleach.
Skyped with my daughter and my mom.
Oven broke. Ordered new one from Sears.
Made 10 quarts of chicken soup and had a bowl for dinner. Cleaned kitchen.
Went through 1000+ emails of which only 40 were relevant. Pressed delete button lots.
Cuddled my dog who misses my husband as do I.

Welcome home!