Headache and the start of week two.

Woke up at 2 am with a mother of all headaches. It pretty much kept me up all night and instead of rushing to get to the studio I slept in. Between peppermint oil, Advil, and Dave's support I got through the morning. I think it must have to do with the weather front that is passing through the Ohio Valley. It has been uncomfortably hot and now cold air is blowing in.
I got to the barn around 11:30 and had the place to myself.

Today my goal was to get enough done so I could figure out how to get this off the wall and packed away so I can work on it at home. I got the major sections complete enough and figured out how I can piece it. I moved rather slowly today at a relaxed pace mostly since my head hurt. I think it is reflected in the work!

A whole new crew of dyers and four quilters arrived at the barn tonight. It is the standard ritual that everyone introduces themselves, tells what their occupation is, and then has to answer a random question. And every time this happens I feel like a awkward school girl. Never funny enough, never original enough, and maybe too fat. It is weird how I can talk to a room of 300 people and not blink an eye, but standing up infront of 25 women makes me feel uncomfortable. Have to analyze it.

It is such an interesting group of women from all over. Japan, Alaska, the Netherlands, Louisiana, Alabama. And a varied group as well. Several professors, doctors, nurses, teachers, women working in the home, and one of my favorite people, is a rocket scientist and a real stitch. Most of the women have to be above 50 and lots are in their 60s and above. A couple of women own businesses, and all of them are passionate about their art. It will be an interesting second week. Let the games begin!