New design problem

Took down the large piece I was working on and I opted to start a new design set. Nancy asked us to bring 10-20 photos of geometrics or landscapes. I opted to bring geometrics and focused a lot of my photography on a Richard Gehry building on the MIT campus that I photographed while visiting Jody. I love the building and have always liked the photos I took.
We were instructed to cut them up and recompose them. And boy that is a lot harder than it might seem. I am not used to working with multiple repetitions and thought this might be a good way to free myself up.
Robin and I went into town, made xerox copies of our photos and I bought black and white paper to paste together for configurations instead of sewing everything. I found that most of the shapes I was working with would either drive me crazy or were too tedious to make. So I tried to simplify simplify and simplify some more. Finally tonight at 8:30 I felt like I was getting somewhere. And tomorrow morning I will try to sew up the ones I like the most.

I have been feeling really relaxed.  I am focused but not nutty like I have been in classes before. Perhaps that comes with confidence and practice. I think I feel less competitive and can appreciate the other compositions without being threatened. And I think that lack of killer instinct makes me easier to be around.

I am so fortunate to have two people working on each side of me that are very focused and do not talk. That has also allowed me to focus, and my headphones have helped me block out the noise. I am very grateful for that. I find that interruptions really break the flow. It takes me five minutes to recover from a 15 second question. I am happy to be helpful when someone has a question or needs advice. But I do not want to be bothered with stupid stuff. I hope that does not make me seem too intolerant.

I left the studio at 9 tonight.... Much earlier than normal. But that extra hour allowed me to talk to family and write this blog. So it's all good.