Six hours for one square

Today we were given lots of options. I decided to perfect a small configuration that I thought would be rather easy to do. Boy was I ever wrong. I will post photos of what looks like a simple design. First I tried to inset the corners which is painstakingly slow work. The piece looked messy and had four inset corners. As I hate to inset corners it was a disaster with little puckers all over the place. And to top it off my juki was not behaving and my stitch length was wonky.

So I decided to try another approach which took me another two hours and it looked equally awful. I am using very narrow lines and it just looked sloppy. The seams were not laying down flat, the lines were not crisp and sharp and I knew I would have to reconsider how to re-engineer it. 

Ok. Three times a charm. Finally I was able to figure out a way to put it together that was still labor intensive but effective. At times I was frustrated, but for the most part I really enjoy a piecing challenge. And it was a real luxury to have six hours to spend doing and perfecting one small 10" square. I actually think it will be a lot easier if I take the scale up. And that it what I want to do tomorrow. I love not having the pressure to do a large composition and just focus on some techniques that will make my work stronger. 

So six hours for one square. At this rate I figure it would take me 240 hours to piece a quilt using this motif or ten days of working straight through. Hmmmm. May need to simplify yet again!