The last day and what I learned

A photo of a beautiful sculpture I bought of a giant hummingbird. 
Today we had our presentations. Sometimes they can be painful, but we had such an extraordinary group, and the presentations were straight from the heart and very moving. The women that attend these sessions are really special and I think that this particular group was especially wonderful. It is easy to make new friends as we come to the table understanding the passion we each feel for our art. There was a tremendous variety of styles, formats, and color palettes. Some women were more practiced than others, but it really did not matter. We each helped the others out.
We also shared our innermost thoughts, blocks, fears, and triumphs. I dare say we're shared information that we have not spoken about to others outside the barn.
I learned something from everyone I met but here is a small sample:

That sharing information is a wonderful thing
Options are good things, and should not paralyze us. And Connie is the funniest person I have ever met.
That open communication is the hallmark of great friendships.
Encouragement to soldier on, and how to approach a configuration without losing your mind.
You can be a great artist and still be humble.
That there is a reason Canada has a reputation for having really nice people. They actually are splendid... At least Barb is.
How each of us feels at time insecure, but we can get through it.
You are only as old as you feel. Rock on ladies!
The importance of listening to the child within you and letting yourself play
And lastly that our work is important and sacred.

I always feel a bit blue driving back to Washington. It's hard to leave the creative nurturing environment that Nancy, Margaret, Nathaniel and John have let us sharing. But they also leave me with the gift of inspiration and encouragement. So in an hour I will jump in the car, listen to NPR for 7 hours and prepare to start working in my studio on Sunday.