Week one Crow Barn

I am deep into our second assignment. There are rules. One to three motifs. A transition from large to small. Flat colors.  A reverse. Glowing areas. An area of contrast and no contrast.   And I love the challenge. Luckily we are working small and I only have a 4x6 area.

I find that having problem sets broadens my thinking. The issue of a reverse and how to work it into the composition led me to consider much more interesting shapes to my background. Normally my backgrounds have been solids. Now, I will think of them differently. And the idea of transitions has led me to think about introducing lines into some of the darker areas.
For now it is just one great big exploration.

The engineering on this piece is really challenging and I had to figure out how to connect the area of small lines to the bigger lines. I spent some time replacing lines, recutting thicker lines, and trying out the best way to put together the color on color background. Today I get to see if it will all work out.