Catching my breathe, and stalling

It always takes me a few weeks to get rolling again after an exhibit or a class. Nothing seems good enough, I do not seem to have inspiration, and I find myself doing busy work. Just about this time is when the plethora of little scraps in my fabric basket seems to drive me insane, and I decide that I have to make something out of them.  After all, great dyed fabric does not grow on trees. 

I started out with 5" strips- the kind of small piecing that drives me insane, and I soon found out that getting rid of little bits of fabric really takes lots of time and patience! And in the end you really do not get rid of so much fabric! Hats off to Kathy Loomis who really has mastered the fine art of using small scraps of fabric and turning them into masterpieces.

Alas, I am no Kathy Loomis, and after about three weekends of combining my 5" strips into squares, I realized how much I was procrastinating from starting a new composition. I spent time cleaning my studios, not one but two, I started pinning and quilting a piece I started at Nancy's this last session, I spent time on Pinterest, and Ebay, and Facebook. I compiled shopping lists for Thanksgiving and did some online shopping for un-needed items.

But,  I did not spend my time really thinking about the next piece.

In those quiet spaces between pieces, when I do everything to avoid starting, fear takes hold. Will I ever come up with a new idea? Were the pieces I finished really flukes? What if I never start a new piece? Will I disappear from the quilting world? Will all of the accolades turn to whispers of disapproval? Am I really a fake? As you can see- craziness takes hold.

Finally, last weekend, I started a new piece. Its origin deserves its own blogpost and I promise to get to it over Thanksgiving. I have promised myself to avoid Black Friday and instead focus my energies on my new piece, and not go to any bad places!

Meanwhile, my best wishes for a happy holiday season for you and yours! I know I have many many many things to be grateful for. J