A difficult quilt

I have been working on a very difficult piece for the last 4 weeks. It is technically very difficult and emotionally it is extremely difficult.

Someone very very close to me ( and no I will not tell you who) was mugged. Purse was stolen. Photo and keys lifted and this person sustained a horizontal cut- not serious- but a knife cut nevertheless.

For days I was upset- and angry. I decided to work it out in a piece and have been constructing and reconstructing this piece for the last month. I made the supreme mistake of asking to see the cut thinking it would make me feel better- it did not- and even though it was really a superficial wound it rocked me to my core, thinking about how many people have been hurt through senseless violence.

Finally yesterday I got somewhere. But I have realized that all of the back and forth I have been doing has been a great way for me to work out my feelings about violence against women. Violence specifically against someone close to me.

My piece is raw. I have started and stopped it a dozen time as it looked too peaceful and tame. Now I think I have found a good rhythm and a path forward.