Questions about retirement

1. What happens if I get bored sewing?
2. What happens if I run out of ideas?
3. What happens if I physically can not sew as much as I want to? What do I do?
4. Will I be happy not being needed?
5. Will my brain atrophy if I am not using it in meetings?
6. What will I do with all of the quilts that I make?
7. Is there an endgame to all this sewing?
8. How will I continue to contribute to society- and is retiring a bit selfish?
9. Will I be lonely?
10. Will I become a hermit?
11. Will Dave and I drive each other crazy?
12. What will I do with my free time if everything is free time?
13. What happens if I run out of money?
14. What happens if I find out that retiring is a mistake? Can I take it back?
15. Will I stay current and relevant?
16. Will I get fatter just sitting at my machine for hours on end?
17. What if my work just gets worse?
18. What if the arthritis in my thumb gets worse and I can not do any hand sewing??

Ah... feels good to get these demons out of my head.