Welcoming the break

I am looking forward to having a solid week of no distractions between Christmas and New Years to work on a few pieces. December has been madness- no real blocks of time to focus and work. I have been moving along very slowly on the piece about the mugging. I find it challenging to put it together, and I am uncertain about the colors. I am incorporating some of the knowledge I picked up at the Crow Barn and am finding my way using flat and glowing colors. I think it is working as David came in this morning and told me he found the colors very unsettling. And that is what I am going for, so I guess it is working. I am also figuring out how to piece the complexity of one scale going on in the background, and another in the foreground, trying to figure out how to make them switch- so you are not always sure what is the background and what is the foreground.

Somehow the whole piece feels a bit alien to me- probably because I am using colors that are so outside my comfort zone- pale mint green- pink- flesh tones- mauve- cloth that has been in my stash for so long since they are colors I do not like. But going along with the flat vs glowing- they have their place, and my goal for the next few months is to really see how they fit in with my work. So far, I am pleased, even if I am looking at work that is jarring.

In my other world- the world of family and work, I am ready to hibernate and turn off- not from family- but certainly from work. I have been working with a very challenging client- not challenging in a good way- and I feel like this is coloring everything that I do. I am angry, I am frustrated, my energy is sapped, and my patience is wearing very very thin. I have tried not to let this one person ruin my time at Grafik, but it has been a struggle. I can normally rise above this, but not this time... And I get home so bothered that I am not doing my customary sewing- which is a release for me. So, the end result is that I am not really in a very good place. I wish I could say that no one can sense my malaise- but I guess I am being pretty transparent. My business partners have noticed it, my husband has noticed it, and a few friends have as well.

Luckily the holidays will give me a much needed break to recharge and get back into my sewing room with a renewed sense of vigor.