What I did on December 25th.

It is strange but nice being Jewish on Christmas Day. While all the world is bustling about, meeting with friends and family, opening presents and eating good food, Dave and I tend to cocoon. We relish the day where we can not do anything much outside of our house, save for the movies and Chinese food, which seems to be too much of a joke to participate in.
I have always loved the beauty of the Christmas season- I love the decorations, the cookies, the way people seem a bit kinder. But it would never occur to me to celebrate a holiday that is not mine- so Christmas Eve and Christmas Day always feels a bit lonely- like being the person not invited to the party- even if it was a party that I did not really want to go to.

Christmas was a perfect day. I did not get out of my pajamas all day. I spent seven glorious hours finishing Anxiety No 9/mugging. It is now pieced together and will hang on my wall for a week or two before I trim it. I am glad to be done this piece. It was emotionally draining, and while I like the idea of layering thin lines on top of thicker lines, I have to say that it is quite exhausting.
I took a few breaks to make lasagna to feed my nieces and nephews who will be visiting with me today, and I spent two hours sitting by the fire with Dave and Barley needle pointing and watching the fire. I think Dave and I sat for two hours not making a sound, but feeling completely comfortable with the stillness. Dave made a wonderful roast chicken and baked potatoes we felt completely at ease.

I think Christmas gives me a gift- it is very much like having a snow day where you really can't go out and do too much- everything is shut down, so you go with the flow and relax. It was a fine fine day.

by JudyK