my new years resolutions for 2014

1. I will not get distracted.
2. I will not get down on myself and my abilities.
3. I will not covet another person's wins or talents- I will celebrate them.
4. I will not be afraid to try something new or something that makes me uncomfortable.
5. I will embrace color and broaden my palette.
6. I will open my eyes to art around me.
7. I will try to get a one person show this year- ugh this one is going to be hard
8. I will try to work only 4 days a week until March- and possibly cut back to three days a week in the spring or summer.
9. I will try to exercise more so I can stay healthy enough to quilt as much as I want.
10. I will try to be slightly more social and less of a hermit.

I think I can do this. Notice I did not put in that I would like to lose weight- which I should and could- but I think with perseverance I can at least accomplish the bulk of these resolutions. It's good to have a goal. Now I have 10.