Return to sender Part 2

I worked hard most of Friday. Got my quilts back on Saturday, and today hit a wall. I have been quilting the mugging piece- and it is very slow going. I am using lines that are about 1/8" apart in some areas, and the piece is about 96"x90" untrimmed. I have been listening to NPR podcasts to pass the time and am learning lots. But today I just stopped and made pillows.
Lots of pillows. Five to be exact. I just needed to do some stupid sewing.
I was going to buy some pillows for two new sofas- but then I saw how expensive they are, and rather than make a run to Marshalls I made a run to my fabric stash. I made a purple one, a yellow one, a black one and a white one.
Then I made the most expensive one ever. I figure that it is worth a good $1000. I decided to cut into a study that I made at Nancy's last October. And if you figure the cost of transportation, the cost of dyed fabric from Anette, my class at Nancy's and the Bed and Breakfast- well it is an expensive pillow indeed.
I rarely make things out of the class experiments. They sit in a bin, folded nicely and are often forgotten. Perhaps I pulled this piece out because I knew I would never quilt it up for any reason- and it turned out that the colors match my new couch perfectly. And I plan to make several more.
Funny- a reject quilt, will get more eyeballs than the Schweinfurth best in show. Weird. 
by JudyK