Return to sender

My 2 quilts returned home from the Schweinfurth on Friday, and while I was glad to see them, I also felt a tinge of sadness. I was pleased they were on view for 3 months- it seemed to justify the long hours I have put into my work. But now, up they go, onto a shelf in my closet, lying horizontally, and out of sight. It makes me kind of sad.

I have not sold much of my work. I donate a few pieces, I give some to friends and my kids fight over some of them, but I have only sold two pieces- and they were grossly under priced. So each exhibit, I wait to hear if maybe a quilt will have a new home.

I price my quilts high. I think they are worth it. I won't sell on Etsy (not that there is anything wrong with that- there isn't. It is just not for me.) and I won't price them low to move them. I know more about marketing after doing it for 35 years and I could become a marketing machine. But I do not want to do that either. So I have a growing stash of work that goes unseen except for 2-3 months if I happen to get into an exhibit.

I don't know how I feel about that. I know I do not want to lower my prices. I know I may be pricing myself out of the market. But I also want people to see the value in our art medium. I do not want to be priced by the inch or the square yard- that is just demeaning. And I do not want to hear that my prices are higher than most bed quilts they have seen. Apples and oranges.

But how do I reconcile months and months of work for a piece that may only have a viewing time of a few weeks? I do not have the answer to that one.