Thumbs up

I have been having lots of pain in my left thumb. Osteoarthritis is slowly advancing in my thumb and it has forced me to sew in spurts. It never occurred to me that there could be a simple solution.

While I was browsing in Joann's yesterday after finding that they did not have the one color of thread (723 Gutermann) that I needed to finish machine quilting a piece, I spied a display set up by Prym Dritz on ergonomic aids. They had a number of gloves for arthritis, and even a thumb support for crafters. The only problem was that they did not have a size large in stock. I looked at some other models but they seemed pretty wimpy- like knit gloves missing the fingertips- and I did not think that they would give me the support I was looking for. So, I went back home and started a google search- not a large size anywhere. I was disappointed since I really liked the color!
Today I went to a larger Joann- where they had a large- I tried it on, and again just felt like it was too lightweight. And to make matters worse they were in an ugly brown color.
So I went across the mall to Dick's Sporting Goods figuring that they must have thumb support gloves... maybe not in green but I could live! I asked the clerk at the entrance where to go, and he steered me to the opposite end of the store where he told me just to look among the knee supports, cups, and baseball gloves. Sigh- lots of cups in every size (except small- evidently no man or boy needs a size small), lots of baseball gloves but not one thumb support I could use for quilting.
I left Dicks and proceeded to my local CVS where I finally found the Futuro deluxe thumb stabilizer, and even though it was a black one, I purchased it. I can report that my thumb felt significantly better after sewing for 4 hours this afternoon. In the words of Borat, "Great success!"