First of all, let me say how hard it is to write a piece where you can not show anything. I am not really happy about this but I guess I am willing to put up with it.
Last night I came home and tore down everything I had pinned up over the weekend. It just was not working. I also took the computer sketches and chucked them. And then I started over.
It is often hard for me to design at night after a day at the office, but I feel like I have to have more discipline if I am going to finish this assignment.... I am so Type A that it frightens me!
Anyway, I started over and in the midst of pinning large pieces to my design wall, a small snippet of fabric caught my eye.... and Eureka- it gave me an idea which I fooled around and like very much.
So- how much of design is deliberate and how much is serendipity? I have decided that serendipity plays a large role in discovering a new idea. But glomming onto that idea, savoring it, nurturing it has to be deliberate.
Anyway, I was so pleased that I could have danced around the house. It certainly solved one of the design problems that I have been having.
The tension between the arts culture and poverty in Mexico City is really very real. And unless you look carefully you can miss it, especially if you are a rich North American who is only staying in certain zones. I think that this new idea that I happened upon last night- right before I was about to quit, may be able to capture this tension. It is something I have not tried before.... and while I am a bit scared, I am also thrilled.
by JudyK