Thank you Carlos Merida!

I just got back from a wonderful week in Mexico City with my family. It changed my idea of what the city is all about. The best description that I heard was a combination of Paris, NYC, Berlin and London sprinkled over Calcutta. A very apt description.
I have been thinking about variations on a theme and if it is possible to do variations and still be doing work that is new and fresh. Luckily my daughter took me to a wonderful museum in Mexico City.

There I happened upon a series of studies by the Guatemalan artist, Carlos Merida. Merida was a cubist who worked in paint, tile and lithography. His work is amazing and I have put up a board for him on my pinterest site. What amazed me the most was a series of 24 studies that he did. Each one is only about 16" x 16" but they are beautiful and varied but all around one motif. 

Looking at them gave me courage. If he could do 24 studies around a motif certainly I can manage five.
So, today was day one of my new adventure. I am not allowed to show the pieces but I will talk about them and show cropped in details.

The first thing I did was to clear the decks in my studio. I put away projects that I have been working on, finished a few pieces that were easy to complete, and cleaned. I also went through my entire fabric stash so I now know my inventory better. Annette, be prepared! I cleaned my machine, cleaned the surfaces and decided that I have to get a larger design wall which I will now put in my daughter's room.
I will spend the rest of the day thinking and researching. I think I want to do something about Mexico, or about traveling with my family- not sure just yet. But as that blank canvas now stares me in the face, I feel like I am ready. Stay tuned!